Even if our FamilySelectHotels provide everything you could wish for in terms of facilities, your personal items are also very important whilst on holiday. Often it’s the little things that you’ve forgotten that can really spoil a holiday. If you’ve forgotten your medication it’s not always easy to get a repeat prescription or to find the right batteries for your camera, because you’ve stupidly left yours at home. Make a checklist beforehand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on paper, your computer, or mobile phone – a checklist can make all the difference to your holiday, even before you’ve left home. Below we’ve listed the things we most often forget

Who┬┤s travelling?

Your checklist will be governed by who’s in your party. A baby has completely different needs to your dog. Make a separate list for each person, so you don’t forget anyone.


Identity papers such as a student card or proof of a child’s age (discounts!), driving licences, passports and ski passes are essential luggage, for everyone in your party, even if you’re not going on a round-the-world trip. Make a list. It’s a very good idea to take copies of important documents with you, possibly in electronic form.


Even if you’re not planning to use traveller’s cheques or credit cards, take them with you. Better to be safe than sorry. Please bear in mind that in Austria debit cards are a popular payment method; credit cards are not widely accepted, whereas in other countries they are.


Make a list of all the medicines your family needs. A first aid kit, with pain killers, throat lozenges and cough mixture is an essential luggage item. Because children sometimes hurt themselves too, don’t forget plasters, antiseptic cream and disinfectant spray. Irrespective of whether you’re going on a skiing or beach holiday, sunscreen is another essential (at least factor 20 for babies). N.B. Sunscreens have best-by dates – check yours is not out of date.

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