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Child care

FamilySelectHotels – relaxation for parents and fun for children. Comprehensive care and a wide range of play facilities turn a family holiday into a premium experience, providing the whole family with the perfect holiday.

Even the lowest, 3-weasel category includes an organised babysitting service (additional charge) and child care 7 days a week as part of the FamilySelectHotels service. Of course, our specially selected hotels also offer comprehensive play facilities – from separate play rooms and play houses, via swings and slides, to outdoor tricycles. 4-weasel hotels include an outdoor playground, completely separated off from road traffic, as standard, whilst 5-weasel hotels offer indoor play complexes, climbing facilities and a comprehensive programme of attractive family activities for guests.

FamilySelectHotels – the perfect place to have fun and relax!

Happy relaxation in your FamilySelectHotel!